Mary Frances here. I like to keep my dolls’ faces protected from the hot summer sun, so I asked my friend in the sewing room, Tommy Pin Cushion, if he had any ideas for a sun bonnet. He knew just what to do! Before I knew it, he pulled out some polka dot fabric and some plain white cotton and was pinning the pattern to the fabric like crazy! Scissors Shears joined in and with a few snips, the pieces were cut out! When those two are on a mission, there’s no stopping them. Since mother doesn’t let me use the sewing machine by myself yet, I got out my sewing basket and made this sweet little outfit for my doll, Angelina, by hand. The Sewing People taught me. Doesn’t Angelina look cute? She loves pink so I put on her pink shoes for a pop of color!

This is Mary Frances’ American Girl Doll, Angelina, wearing clothes made from The Mary Frances Sewing Book 100th Anniversary Edition: A Children’s Story-Instruction Sewing Book with Doll Clothes Patterns for American Girl and Other 18-inch Dolls.

The Morning Dress is from Pattern 9 and the Sunbonnet is from Pattern 25.