January 20, 2013

Sewing Bird here. I told Mary Frances that her dolls would need warm clothing for the cold winter months and that I had just the patterns in mind! We could make a fleece Automobile Coat with an animal print collar, a matching bonnet and a muff. I can even show her how to make leather leggings. Mary Frances is such a fast learner and a hard worker. This is what she made…


Mary Frances’ American Girl Doll, Mary Marie, wearing a winter outfit from The Mary Frances Sewing Book 100th Anniversary Edition: A Children’s Story-Instruction Sewing Book with Doll Clothes Patterns for American Girl and Other 18-inch Dolls

The coat is made from Pattern 21, the muff from Pattern 24,  hat from Pattern 22 and leather leggings (gaiters) from Pattern 16.