Mary Frances here. The year 1912 was such a year! As you know, this is The Mary Frances Books 100th Anniversary website, and there are many other events that share this centennial anniversary year with me. I’ll blog about more of them as the year goes on, but this week is the anniversary of the great ship Titanic’s voyage of April 10-15, 1912. I was just a young girl, but I remember it well. When the ship sank, it was all over the newspapers, and it was all Aunt Maria, Mother and Father talked about for days. It was so sad. A few years later, a little song was written about it. Billy (pictured below) sang it at Boy Scout Camp and I sang it with my Campfire Girls. Linda Wright, the editor of The Mary Frances Books 100th Anniversary Editions, even remembers singing The Titanic song at Girl Scout camp in the 1960s. Here’s how it goes:

The Titanic

When they built the ship Titanic to sail the ocean blue
They thought they had a ship that the water wouldn’t go through
But the good Lord raised his hand that the ship would never land
It was sad when the great ship went down.

Oh it was sad (so sad), so sad (so sad)
It was sad when the great ship went down
To the bottom of the sea..eee…eee….eee
(Husbands lost their wives, little children lost their lives)
It was sad when the great ship went down.


Looking back, I can see noteworthy elements in my 100th Anniversary books that are significant to the Titanic. The Mary Frances Cook Book, written in 1912, has a number of recipes that were on the menu of the Titanic. These were popular foods of the time, so it was fitting for them to be in my cook book. They may not sound fancy by today’s standards, but Jacket-Boiled Potatoes, Lamb Chops, Baked Apples, and Custard Pudding were indeed popular delights at the time.

The Mary Frances Sewing Book
, written in 1913, is full of authentic doll clothes patterns from the Titanic fashion period. This was a time when young girls primarily wore dresses. Our dresses covered our knees and the waistline was placed low. For school, many styles were influenced by sailor suits. We also wore jumpers over a blouse called a “guimpe”.  Pleats were common on our party dresses, and we wore bloomers for play. If you’d like to make clothing for your 21st century American Girl® dolls with historical patterns, The Mary Frances Sewing Book 100th Anniversary Edition is a treasure trove. And if you like to dress your modern dolls with a vintage twist, this is a great go-to for patterns.

I love the way the memory of the Titanic is being honored this week with Memorial Cruises. Those who lost their lives are gone, but they have never been forgotten.