Mary Frances here. My books had become so worn and dingy. I was getting embarrassed about their condition — broken bindings, soiled covers and missing pages. I’d even become a bit afraid to handle them for fear they’d fall completely apart! Even though Mother Doll taught me how to properly care for books in The Mary Frances Housekeeper, 100 years is a long time in the life of a book and they have been showing their age.

The original Mary Frances Books, 1912 – 1921


I hear they fetch some handsome prices on eBay from antique book collectors…but they are really too fragile to be used as they were intended. So…I’m delighted to announce the publication of my new 100th Anniversary Editions! They’ve been restored…expanded…and updated to be just right for the 21st century! You can see them on the Home page. I love the new brightly colored covers! The Mary Frances 100th Anniversary Editions are relevant and ready to be loved and used by the children of the world today. They make me feel like dancing!
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