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Mary Frances here. My fourth book, The Mary Frances Garden Book, never would have come about without my rooster, Feather Flop, or my older brother, Billy. I was outside sitting on the garden bench one day looking at a seed catalog and I couldn’t understand a thing. I was so frustrated—I even muttered something out loud. I was by myself, so imagine my surprise when a voice answered back! Of all things, it was Feather Flop! He told me that I shouldn’t expect to understand gardening without being taught.

Billy had taken a “Home Gardening Course” at the gardening school from Miss Gardener, and Father gave Billy a section of our yard to practice what he learned. It all seemed so exciting that I wanted a garden, too! Billy suggested that I plant a garden around my play house, and I thought that was a splendid idea…except I had no idea how to get started. Feather Flop offered to help and started to work right away by scratching and digging with his feet! Billy also offered to help…and that is how my adventure among the garden people began.

Feather Flop


It was amazing how much Billy knew about gardening. Miss Gardener sure teaches a thorough class! I hope I can take it someday, but Billy taught me so much, and you will learn everything I learned by reading The Mary Frances Garden Book! It’s almost too much for me to remember, so I treasure this book. I can go back to it again and again if I find I’ve forgotten something. One thing I learned for sure is that there is a lot to know about gardening! Even Billy says it seems the more he studies gardening, the more there is to learn!

The Mary Frances Garden Book 100th Anniversary Edition is the 21st century version of my book. It is so beautiful with a pink cover, fresh typesetting and pictures that look better than ever. It even has directions to make your own gardening apron which is a good thing to have because gardening is dirty work! I can’t believe it’s been a hundred years since I planted my first garden–but time flies! I know you will love the new edition of my book as much as I do. Flowers make me so happy and fresh vegetables from the garden are the best!

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