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Mary Frances here. In my last book, The Mary Frances Garden Book, Billy was the big know-it-all because of the Home Garden Course he had taken from Miss Gardener. Well, in The Mary Frances First Aid Book, I’m proud to say that I’m the authority! You see, right before my birthday, I took a Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Class. I learned so much and I was anxious to show off my new knowledge to Billy. It was always hard to get Billy to play dolls with me, but as a birthday favor, he agreed to spend a day in the playroom playing dolls. It was so much fun! We conjured up such accidents for the dolls (Mother says we have vivid imaginations)—then I got to explain the proper First Aid for the situation. My make-believe name was Miss Helpem, Billy was the ambulance driver and we named my dolls the Brave Family: Mrs. Brave, Hesa Brave, Shesa Brave, Ima Brave, Soami Brave, and little Ibee Brave.

One of the things that impressed Billy the most was the way I can wrap a bandage. There is a true art to bandage wrapping! There are large diagrams in my book and you can practice them on an 18-inch doll just like I did when I was learning.

It’s very important for children to learn how to prevent accidents before they happen, and that’s a large part of The Mary Frances First Aid Book 100th Anniversary Edition. For example, children should know how to identify a poison ivy leaf and to treat fire with respect. And if an accident should occur, it’s amazing how many things can be relieved with simple household items. Most of the things we used 100 years ago are still available today.

I love to play nurse, so I’m very excited about two special additions to The Mary Frances First Aid Book 100th Anniversary Edition. It includes patterns to make a nurse cap and apron just like mine!

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