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When a 36 year old school teacher from Merchantville, New Jersey wrote the first Mary Frances book in 1912, little did she know the lasting legacy she would leave ---- and that 100 years later, her books would still be enjoyed, collected and adored. Combining fact and fancy for a complete course in home economics, her innovative concept was to teach useful things in an entertaining way. The Mary Frances books were not mere storybooks to be read and cast aside; these were instruction books, in story form, designed to teach valuable life skills to youthful readers in a playful manner. In 7 volumes, Jane Eayre Fryer leads Mary Frances through great adventures with the Kitchen People, the Thimble People, the Paper Doll family, the Garden People, the Brave family, and the Knitting People---and as Mary Frances learns cooking, sewing, housekeeping, gardening, first aid, knitting and crocheting from her fairy helpers, the reader learns right along with her.

These 100th Anniversary Editions of the Mary Frances books have been carefully restored, updated and expanded for the 21st century. Each doll clothes pattern in the sewing and needlework books now fits American Girl® and other popular 18-inch dolls of today. Obsolete yarns and outdated needle sizes have been replaced with current equivalents. Modern oven temperatures have been included in the cook book to ensure success for today’s young chefs, plus more surprises. With fresh typesetting, digitally enhanced graphics, and a lovely larger format, the Mary Frances books have never looked better! In heartfelt hopes that the Mary Frances Books 100th Anniversary Collection may inspire and educate new generations of learners...these books are offered with all best wishes from Classic Bookwrights.